Top 3 Men’s Jewelry That’ll Make You Iconic

Drake in diamond necklace. (Karwai Tang/Wireimage/Getty Images)

Jewelry – the single most iconic symbolization of status.

Yes, it’s true… Throughout history, kings and lords – the upper class – lived flamboyant lifestyles, showing their power and fame prominently through treasures. Even in the 21st century, these treasures of gems and monies are showcased through trending jewelry: rings, necklaces and pendants. Though, what’s not said about jewelry is that it’s also the single most efficient piece to represent sophistication. Thanks to men’s fashion for capitalizing on the idea of transformation – bourgeois to nobility.

Many jewelers, like Cartier and Bucellati, are distinguished for their ability to capitalize on this idea; However, it’s one thing to look like a king, but it’s another to feel like one. We’ve hand picked three pieces of jewelry from Assassino’s collections based on their iconic design.

The Surrender Ring represents a man of mystery and elegance; the onyx symbolizes strength over wealth. It’s the quality status of class that matters. And you know, the subtle clicking sound it makes when you snap the ring clockwise brings peace and clear your mind clutter.

Own the look, own the press.

We often see Drake wearing diamond shaped heart necklaces in different outfits. So, how does he get away with wearing one necklace for every occasion? Simple – diamonds. The Web of Desire Necklace in 18K white gold and encrusted diamonds is an absolute kill, hence why a gleaming bullet hangs from scintillating gold.

If looks could kill, you’d be getting away with that too.

If a bullet is too daring for taste, then the Confessions of Truth pendant in 18K white gold and diamond encrusted clover is a must.

Russel Brand, world’s biggest lady snatcher, is notorious for wearing necklaces with suave pendants. Perhaps they’re his talismans… Afterall, a four-leaf clover brings good fortune and love.

Have the charm, become the charm.

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