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Get your Online Pop-Up Boutique
in a day!

Simple. All you need is to choose your top twenty favorite jewellery from Forever Jewels’ website and we create your personal Pop-Up Boutique. For one week pop-up shopping event or for one year, the choice is yours.

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Step 2

Start Sharing and Earn Cash Back

Share and promote your personal pop-up boutique with your friends and community: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you are free to share and recommend your favourites. Once you sell, you get 8-12% commission. When you personally refer a new Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate, you earn 3 % commission of referred new Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate(s).

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Step 3

Be part of the Forever Jewels Community

Use our marketing material, such as banner ads or email/social media templates to promote your Pop-Up Boutique. You can count on our dedicated Affiliates team to support your business. Our technology and community will support you every step of the way.

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Frequently asked Questions

What does it mean to be an Independent Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate?

As a Forever Jewels Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate, you sell the items that you love from our jewellery brands. You decide how to sell directly on your personal Pop-Up Boutique. This allows you to earn commissionin a way that fits your lifestyle.

What perks do I get as a Pop-Up Boutique Owner?
  • 10-15% cash commission on net sales, paid monthly.
  • *3% of personally referred Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate(s) on the total first year net sales, paid in addition to sales commissions.
  • Access to our Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate incentive and bonus programs.
How much can I earn & how will I get paid?

You decide! Match your efforts to your desired results. Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate earns between 10-15% cash commission on net sales. If you choose to refer new Pop-Up Boutique Affiliates, you can earn an additional 3% in referred commissions. You’ll get paid Monthly via direct deposit (less bank charges).

Will I receive training, support, and advice?

Absolutely! We provide advises and training. You’ll also get one-on-one coaching from our leaders and you’ll meet other Pop-Up Boutique Affiliates through our online meet-ups.

Do I need to be a salesperson to be a Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate?

No experience? No problem. You don’t need to have a background in jewellery sales. We’re here to show you how to turn your natural skills into professional talents! The only thing required is to be motivated, have the right mindset and of course, to love jewellery!

How many hours do I need to work?

Based on your schedule and desired income, you decide how much or little time you work.

How much do I need to invest?

There is no investment to join. You just need to provide your photo, a short write up to present your Boutique and the selection of items that you want to sell.

Is there a minimum requirement I need to sell to remain a Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate?

Yes. To maintain an active account, Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate must generate at least one customer order within the first 180 days of activation. Additionally, Pop-Up Boutique Affiliate must sell minimum one product across a rolling 12-month period.