The Beauty of Nature

Like the first bloom of spring piercing through the snow crust, MARCH celebrates the vitality of nature with exquisite precious stones. The refreshing designs, reflecting fresh vitality and soft femininity, with an air of quiet sophistication, that are inspired by Mother Nature herself and her riches.


March's Icon


The brand MARCH was founded in 2009 by Fai Chu and Marjory Lim in honour of their love for nature. The name MARCH is derived from the month of March when spring comes to earth and brings forth with its renewal and rejuvenation. It is in this spirit of rejuvenation, an uplifting of soul, an overall sense of joy and well-being that the brand was created. MARCH has since been known for its feminine, delicate and delightful, nature-inspired fine jewellery.

Creative Director: Fai Chu / Marjory Lim
Brand Origin: Singapore, Launch Date: 2009